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Der titelgebende Held Hercules versucht in dem Disney-Animationsfilm von alles, um wieder als würdiger Gott in den Olymp zurückzukehren. Hades hält Meg als Sklavin gefangen. Er bietet Hercules einen Tausch an: verzichtet Hercules auf seine übermenschlichen Kräfte, kommt Meg frei! Eine schwere. Studio: Walt Disney Pictures. Purchase rights: Stream instantly Details. Format: Prime Video (streaming online video). Devices: Available to watch on supported​. Aktuell bei keinem VoD-Anbieter verfügbar. Disney's Hercules ( - ). Originaltitel. Aktuell bei 11 VoD-Anbietern und als Disk verfügbar. Hercules ().

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Disney schickt in wenigen Monaten den eigenen Streaming-Dienst unverfroren (); Disneys wackere Helden (); Hercules (). Inhaltsangabe: Disney-Realverfilmung von Hercules.. "Bad Boys For Life" neu als Stream: Was wir schon jetzt über "Bad Boys 4" wissen. Deutscher Trailer. Hercules: Zero to Hero ist eine Fortsetzung des Films Hercules der Walt Disney Company aus dem Jahr Er ist der Pilotfilm der Zeichentrickserie Disneys.

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Please enable JavaScript to watch videos. Watch Videos. Hercules Trailer Join the half man, half god teen for an outrageous adventure as he makes his way to Mount Olympus.

Hades and the Fates Hades tries to get the Fates to tell him the future--and what he should do about Hercules and Zeus.

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When Hercules tries to prove himself a hero at Thebes , Hades sends the Hydra to kill him. Hercules tries to kill the Hydra by slicing off its heads, but more heads grow in their place.

After a lengthy battle, he prevails by using his strength to cause a landslide, crushing the Hydra and killing it while he survives, but badly bruised and wounded.

However, his victory earns him the respect and support of the people of Thebes after their earlier doubt and ridicule of him. He soon becomes a national, multi-million dollar celebrity as a result.

Realizing that his plans are jeopardized, Hades sends Meg out to discover Hercules' weakness, promising her freedom in return.

Hercules is disappointed to learn from his father Zeus that he has yet to become a true hero, and spends the day with Meg, who finds herself developing strong romantic feelings for Hercules.

When Hades intervenes, she turns against him, finally accepting she has fallen in love with Hercules, much to Hades' dismay, but plots to use Meg, realizing she is Hercules' weakness.

Phil learns of Meg's involvement with Hades and, thinking she willingly desires to work for him, tries to warn Hercules, who ignores Phil and knocks him to the ground in an outrage.

Discouraged, Phil leaves for home. Hades arrives, interrupting Hercules' training, talks a lot, then snaps his fingers, making Meg appear.

Before she can finish her sentence, Hades snaps his fingers and she disappears, tied up and gagged by smoke, then reappears with another snap of Hades' fingers.

He uses Meg to try to get Hercules to give up his God-like superhuman strength for twenty-four hours, though Hercules adds the condition that Meg doesn't get hurt in any way.

Meg shakes her head frantically, trying to convince Hercules not to make the deal, but he does not listen. When Hades sets Meg free, Hades spitefully reveals that she was working for him all along.

Deeply heartbroken and crushed, and now realizing Phil had been telling him the truth, but he didn't believe him, the now-weakened Hercules loses the will to fight the Cyclops that Hades unleashes upon him when he frees the Titans from Tartarus.

Meg finds and unties Pegasus and battles her fear of heights to find Phil , persuading him to come back and help Hercules regain his confidence.

He finishes off the Cyclops, but just as a pillar is about to crush Hercules, Meg pushes him out of the way, saving him because "people always do crazy things when they're in love.

As a result, the deal is broken and Hercules' god-like superhuman strength is returned. Hercules, along with Pegasus and Phil, saves Olympus from certain doom and Hades returns to the underworld.

Meanwhile, Meg dies of her injuries, her thread of life having been cut by the Fates. Hercules arrives and demands Meg to be revived, but Hades shows him that she is currently trapped in the River Styx, a river of souls where all the dead go.

Hades allows Hercules to trade his own spirit for Meg's, hoping to return Meg's body to the surface of the river before he is killed. Hercules jumps in and as his lifeline is about to be cut by the Fates, his amazing courage and willingness to ultimately sacrifice his life for others prove him a true hero, restoring all of his godly powers and rendering him immortal, leaving the Fates shocked when they can't cut his thread of life as Hercules was immortal again.

As he successfully returns Meg to the surface, Hades tries to talk his way out of the situation. Hercules punches him, knocking him into the River Styx.

The other souls grab Hades and pull him down into the stream. Hercules revives Meg and they both head to Olympus, but when Meg's entrance is denied as she wasn't immortal like the Olympian Gods, Hercules chooses to become mortal and stay on Earth with her, which Zeus and Hera grant.

Hercules is acclaimed a hero on both Earth and Olympus alike, Zeus creates a constellation in his image, and Phil is remembered for being the one to train him.

In the film, Hercules is the son of Zeus and Hera. Alcmene and her husband, Amphitryon , appear in the Disney's Hercules version, as Hercules' "foster parents".

Hades , voiced by James Woods , is cast as the villain. This idea is similar to that of the Hades of the Marvel Universe and to a lesser extent, Loki of the Thor series , who wanted to overthrow Zeus and was an ambitious, evil scheming god.

In the movie, Hades is a fast-talking, manipulative deal maker with a fiery literally temper, who hates his job as lord of the underworld and plots to overthrow Zeus.

Disney took considerable liberties with the "Hercules" myths since most of the original material and characters who are associated with Greek Mythology were deemed inappropriate for family viewers by the Disney studios moral standards, such as Hercules being conceived through a god posing as a mortal woman's husband, and of his stepmother Hera's attempts to kill him.

Disney also made use of stereotypes when designing the look of the characters, such as depicting Hercules as a more of a crime-fighting superhero than a god to the point that Hercules physically resembles Superman , the gods as laid-back American types, the Moirae as demonic hags merging them with the Graeae , the Muses as five gospel-singing divas, and the Titans as brutish giants.

Due to the name's prominence in Western culture, they went with the Latin Hercules rather than the actual Greek Herakles.

In the series, the god Dionysus was also portrayed with his Roman name, Bacchus. The Disney version of Hercules has little relation to the Heracles myths, and should not be regarded as the actual stories about the mythological hero; rather, it is a spin on the character and the culture of ancient Greece, but using elements from DC comics' Superman, particularly 's Superman , 's Superman II and the three-part pilot episode of Superman: The Animated Series , "The Last Son of Krypton", with the following notable similarities almost to the point of plagiarism:.

Because of this, the movie was widely panned in Greece by the media and the public, which led to the Greek government refusing the film an open air premiere on Pnyx hill.

A Greek newspaper called ''Adesmevtos Typos'' denounced the film as "another case of foreigners distorting our history and culture just to suit their commercial interests".

The film does contain a brief reference to The Twelve Labors and other myths pertaining to the character, however, such as the Erymanthian Boar.

In the movie, Hades sends these monsters to him, rather than their being encountered as they are in the myths. Some other Greek myths are appropriated, as well.

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Cookies optimieren die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Weder werden Kunden vorgewarnt, noch erhalten sie eine Nachricht, wenn ein Inhalt eliminiert wurde. Amazon Problem mit dieser Seite? Thomas Kolkmann , Vorerst weiter geschlossen. Fan werden Mobil. Top News. Alle Kommentare Forum. Verschenken per Steam Die Steam Community. DAX : Serie loch ness Kommentar wurde als Spam identifiziert. Cookies optimieren see more Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. Infineon AG Teilen Einbetten. Der Preis für das Abo beträgt 6,99 Euro im Article source bzw. Missgeschicke Hercules. Alan Menken David Zippel texter. Sign go here to see reasons why you may or may click to see more like this based on https://eurocadets2013.se/filme-hd-stream/monster-mgdchen-staffel-2.php games, friends, and curators you follow. When Hades learns that Hercules is alive, he is enraged and plots to murder him. A clumsy ensign, steams click here a trio of jewel thieves and tries to impress the local sailing teacher in this laugh go here loud comedy. Ron ClementsJohn Musker. So jump in the hero seat and get ready to battle your way through three ancient worlds, ten challenging stages, and a hoard of mythological monsters. After a lengthy battle, he prevails by using his strength to cause a landslide, crushing the Hydra and killing it while he survives, but badly bruised and wounded. Lillias White. Hades allows Hercules to trade his own spirit for Meg's, hoping to return Meg's body to the surface of the river before he is killed. Article source user-defined tags for this product:? Change language. Date Link. Defend Thebes from the evil Centaurs and Harpies! Hey, it's all in a day's work read more you're trying to earn your place among auf brennendem online schauen gods.

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Ariana Grande Performs 'I Won't Say I'm In Love' - The Disney Family Singalong Hercules () · Stream. Du willst Hercules online schauen? Hier findest du in der Übersicht, auf welchen Video-Plattformen Hercules derzeit legal im Stream. Hercules stream online anschauen kinox kinos eurocadets2013.se - Hades lässt den kleinen Hercules von seinen gehilfen Pech und Schwefel entführen. Sie beiden sollen. Hercules. Hercules. Australien; ,; 51 Minuten,. Sprachen: Deutsch. Der junge Hercules lebt als Sterblicher auf der Erde. Doch eines Tages findet er Informationen. Studio: Walt Disney Pictures. Genre: Action. Am März startet Disneys eigener Streamingdienst „Disney+“ auch in Deutschland und vielen Herkules und die Sandlot Kids ().

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