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Patrick Star ist eine fiktive Figur in der amerikanischen Zeichentrickserie SpongeBob SquarePants. Er wird vom Schauspieler Bill Fagerbakke geäußert und vom Meeresbiologen und Animator Stephen Hillenburg entworfen und gestaltet. Er erschien zum. Der Seestern Patrick Star ist der beste Freund von SpongeBob Schwammkopf und einer der Hauptcharaktere der Serie. Gleichzeitig ist er auch SpongeBobs. Patrick Star. Patrick ist ein Seestern und der beste Freund von SpongeBob Schwammkopf. Er bewundert seinen Freund, da er denkt, dass er nichts kann und. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Patrick Star". Patrick Star. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Weiterleitung nach: SpongeBob Schwammkopf#Hauptfiguren.

patrick star | Übersetzungen für 'Patrick Star' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Patrick Star". Übersetzung im Kontext von „Patrick Star“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: He is a generation descendant of Patrick Star in the 41st century.

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WORST MAKEUP IVE EVER DONE - PatrickStarrr He's a force of nature, like Patrick. Critical reception for the der 70er from both professionals and fans has been positive. He is arrested off-screen for doing so. The New York Go here. Siriguejo ou somente Mr. patrick star

Their motive for this was to enforce the environmental safety of Jellyfish Fields , above which the highway is being constructed.

The police eventually notice the boys rebelling against the government's authority and imprison them in the middle of nowhere.

In " Chocolate with Nuts ," as a means to boost their profit as salesmen, SpongeBob and Patrick spread lies to their customers about the chocolate bars they're selling, claiming them to have special abilities.

In " Ink Lemonade ," he and SpongeBob sell Squidward's ink to the public and categorize it as lemonade.

The opposite effect has also occurred with Patrick encouraging SpongeBob to join in with his exploits. In " Hooky ," Patrick encourages SpongeBob to ditch work and go to the " carnival " with him.

Patrick has an unusual mean streak that - depending on the episode, is either exhibited out of jealousy, low self-esteem, acquired situational narcissism, or simply stupidity.

This is best shown in " Valentine's Day ," when after he sees that SpongeBob gave a present to everyone except him, he goes on a rampage, and destroys everything he sees, even though SpongeBob wanted to give him a present.

He is also shown to lose respect for others and become obsessed when obtaining some form of power, talent, wealth, or publicity, and it usually drives him apart from SpongeBob.

In " Rule of Dumb ," when he becomes the king of Bikini Bottom, he abuses his authority by stealing from others and using his fame to cover up his arrogant attitude, acting like the world revolves around him, and becomes a ruthless tyrant and goes mad with power.

In " Karate Star ," Patrick gains a talent in karate and obsessively uses it regardless of the circumstances until SpongeBob talks him out of it at the end.

In " Jellyfishing ," oblivious to the fact that he can't hold his net due to his bandages, Patrick forcefully shoves the end of a jellyfish net in Squidward's injured tentacle, adding insult to injury.

In " Band Geeks ," he starts a fight with Sandy to "do some kicking," as instructed by Squidward, though Patrick interprets this literally.

In " Wigstruck ," Patrick notices SpongeBob wearing a wig; believing that it is a monster attacking him, Patrick assaults SpongeBob to rid him of the said wig.

In " Oral Report ," Patrick increases SpongeBob's oral anxiety by assaulting him with several objects like a treadmill and pillows.

In " Ghoul Fools " when SpongeBob and Patrick look at the clouds, Patrick mentions it calms his "inner demons" in " The Secret Box " Patrick says the inner machinations of his mind are an enigma, with "machinations" being another word for "scheme".

At the end of the episode, he laughs maniacally and reveals he kept an embarrassing photo of SpongeBob in the "secret compartment" of his box.

In " Nature Pants ," Patrick follows SpongeBob around Jellyfish Fields and attempts to abduct him with his jellyfish net to bring him back home.

In " It's a SpongeBob Christmas! Patrick slamming a computer on Mr. Krabs first dollar trying to get the paint off.

Aside from his jealousy and being irresponsible, Patrick is also selfish and sometimes a bad friend towards SpongeBob and often endangers him, sometimes intentionally and other times because of his dim-whiteness.

Patrick asks why there is no toy, but Mr. SpongeBob lets Patrick play with it until the morning, and when the morning arrives SpongeBob tells Patrick to give him a turn, but Patrick hogged the toy and refused to share it with SpongeBob.

In " Dumped " Patrick insists that Gary likes him now and that he wants to be his pet instead of SpongeBob's. In " I'm With Stupid " Patrick's parents were coming to visit Patrick and Patrick believes his parents think he's stupid, so SpongeBob agrees to pretend to be an idiot so Patrick would look smart in comparison.

The plan works as SpongeBob successfully convinces Patrick's parents that he is stupid, but Patrick then treats SpongeBob as if he were that dumb, which makes his parents think that Patrick taught him to become smarter which drives SpongeBob nuts.

In " Stuck in the Wringer ," Patrick gets SpongeBob stuck in the wringer with his "forever glue" which caused SpongeBob a lot of problems.

He also impersonated a doctor twice. In " Suds " When SpongeBob got the suds he called Sandy to take him to the doctor, but Patrick tells SpongeBob not to go to the doctor because it's "a horrible, horrible place".

He then pretends to be a doctor and does his treatment to try to cure SpongeBob, but it only caused him to inflate. In " The Splinter " He once again pretends to be a doctor.

SpongeBob asks Patrick to get rid of the splinter, but he only made it worse but hitting a hammer through it. In " Something Smells " Patrick convinces SpongeBob that the reason everyone has been avoiding him was that he's ugly.

In " Hooky " Patrick tries to persuade SpongeBob to skip work to play on the hooks with him even after Mr.

Krabs told them how dangerous they are, and tells SpongeBob not to listen to Mr. In " Driven to Tears " Patrick tries to make SpongeBob jealous of his new driver's license and rubs it in his face.

He also caused mass destruction by running three red lights and makes an illegal u-turn through an orphanage. His rudeness became more serious as the post-movie era approached: Patrick had a mean streak in the pre-movie seasons but was mostly apologetic and regretful of his actions, and had a kindhearted personality overall.

In the post-movie seasons, not only does Patrick rarely show any remorse or regret toward his rudeness, but he also lacks responsibility for his actions and is willing to throw others under the bus for his wrongdoings, like in " Stuck in the Wringer " where he blames SpongeBob for the condition he's in when it was Patrick's fault for gluing him to the wringer.

In " Life of Crime ," he gets mad at SpongeBob and blames him for eating his chocolate bar when he already ate his.

He also scolds people when they have a right to be hostile and angry, as seen in " Big Sister Sam " when Patrick singles SpongeBob and Squidward out for their disapproval of his sister 's havoc wreak.

However, in " The Fish Bowl ," Patrick does show remorse over his selfish and rude ways, marking a rare occasion in the post-movie era where this has happened.

Furthermore, because Patrick feels he is doing the right thing, he often trespasses to get what he wants.

SpongeBob and Patrick have a frequent tendency to enter Squidward's house without his consent, which reaches its epitome in " Good Neighbors.

In " Pranks a Lot ," SpongeBob and Patrick trespass into many people's houses to traumatize them while under the identities of "ghosts.

In " The Lost Mattress ," Patrick and SpongeBob trespass the fence of the dump on Squidward's behalf, however, it is mostly Squidward's fault for making them do it in an attempt to get them murdered by the guard worm.

In " Toy Store of Doom ," SpongeBob and Patrick stay in Toy Barrel past its open hours and hide in a dollhouse so as not to be caught by the security guard.

In " No Pictures Please ," Patrick trespasses many people's homes while giving an enthusiastic stranger a tour of his favorite places in Bikini Bottom.

In " Spy Buddies ," Patrick and SpongeBob sneak into the Chum Bucket at night through the roof, despite the door allowing entrance; they did this since spies do not use the door to enter places.

In " Safe Deposit Krabs ," SpongeBob and Patrick break into the local bank at night, although they had good intentions since they did it to free Mr.

Krabs from the safe. Much of this has involved Patrick being caught up in breaking rules and endangering others. In " Restraining SpongeBob ," Patrick violates a restraining order filed against him by walking beyond his set limits.

He is arrested off-screen for doing so. In " Big Pink Loser ," Patrick's inability to do anything right angers him to the point of scraping the top of a broomstick on the Krusty Krab floorboards, which creates a mass amount of dust clouds and interferes with the customer's ability to eat and breathe pure oxygen.

In " Sentimental Sponge ," Patrick's house is shown to be full of garbage, which takes up a majority of the house's capacity, though he is not reprimanded by the sanitation police, unlike SpongeBob and Squidward.

In " The Donut of Shame ," Patrick offers SpongeBob one half of a doughnut that he contaminated with his saliva, dropped in the toilet, and stored in the back of his underwear.

Due to this, SpongeBob potentially consumed Patrick's oral ecology as well as C. In " Ink Lemonade ," Patrick and SpongeBob sell Squidward's ink to the public under the guise of lemonade, which eventually causes health problems to its consumers.

In " Sandy's Rocket ," SpongeBob and Patrick go around abducting the townspeople and trapping them in Sandy's spaceship out of fear that the entire population is formed of aliens.

He wants to spend time dwelling in his rock and lacks common sense, which often means that he is incapable of doing things right, as explained when he was briefly employed at the Krusty Krab when trying to earn an award in " Big Pink Loser.

In some episodes, Patrick has trouble with even the most rudimentary tasks and displays little common sense or intelligence.

His memory can be appalling and he can forget how to do the most instinctual of actions, such as eating or falling over.

He once forgot that he ate a chocolate bar the second after he ate it in " Life of Crime ," and can't open a jar without assistance in " Big Pink Loser.

Patrick seems to be aware of his stupidity and annoyance to others, as many throwaway lines in some episodes indicate: In " Home Sweet Pineapple ," Patrick asks SpongeBob if it's already time to ruin Squidward's day upon waking up.

I like to mix it up, keep you on your toes. This is best exemplified in " You Don't Know Sponge ," and is also a driving point on the said episode's storyline.

At other times, he can appear almost so brilliant that it surprises the other characters, and is prone to fits of temporary intelligence, which confuses the other characters.

In earlier episodes, Patrick appeared to be somewhat more intelligent, often making profound comments and often being very articulate, such as when he, having messed up Mr.

Krabs' first dollar with SpongeBob, complained about the fact that his first dollar is just an ordinary dollar and he should replace it with another ordinary dollar, though he forgets about it at the end and ends up buying a candy bar, much to SpongeBob's dismay.

In " SB ," Patrick seems to be aware of Squidward's hatred toward him and SpongeBob, though in later episodes he is just as oblivious as SpongeBob in terms of their annoyance to Squidward.

In " Squidtastic Voyage ", He shocks SpongeBob and Sandy by coming up with a brilliant solution to refuel their empty gas tanks to escape Squidward's stomach.

In " Sailor Mouth " when looking at words on a dumpster, he has trouble reading the word "krabs" but can read the curse word fine, and tells SpongeBob it's a "sentence enhancer" thus convincing him to curse.

He also has displayed some common sense and wisdom in some episodes, such as when he warned SpongeBob that he will go broke if he kept giving away his money in " Porous Pockets " and told SpongeBob that when he has money he has to do more than just spend it, he has to have a plan first.

When SpongeBob admits he was wrong about the money and his "friends", Patrick replies with "There is no right or wrong when it comes to that stuff SpongeBob, there either is or there is not.

In " That's No Lady " Patrick realizes that he should not pretend to be someone he is not". In " Patty Hype ," when SpongeBob's pretty patties were not selling, SpongeBob gets discouraged, and Patrick says "SpongeBob, sometimes we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems".

In " The Lost Mattress " Patrick was able to figure out everything that SpongeBob didn't, like how Squidward was planning for them to get eaten by the guard worm by calling the man "worm bait" and he quickly realized that the guard worm liked the wooden spoon SpongeBob was holding.

He is also shown to be an excellent driver unlike SpongeBob, as shown in " Driven to Tears " when he got a perfect score on his boating test and got his boating license, both of which SpongeBob failed at hundreds of times.

In " Boating School " he helped SpongeBob cheat on his boating exam by telling him exactly how to drive properly. One of his smartest moments in the series was in " CopyBob DittoPants " when he said the line "Life is but a walking shadow" after all the copies disappeared.

Patrick seems to detect malice and sarcasm more easily than SpongeBob. He also displays witty banter at times and often can be sarcastic.

He is generally well-intentioned but often inadvertently causes trouble, for both himself and also his friends, such as in " Patrick-Man! Patrick mainly likes to dwell under his rock and act lazy and unproductive.

He usually partakes in sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating junk food, and sleeping. However, he does go outside every now and then, typically to hang out with his best friend.

Whenever doing so, he and SpongeBob like to indulge in their two favorite hobbies: bubble blowing and jellyfishing. He is also shown to enjoy sand-boarding [27] [28] , even if he is not very good at it.

In addition to bubble-blowing and jellyfishing, Patrick and SpongeBob have a fondness for engaging in childlike activities, such as playing pretend, toys, and board games, as exemplified in numerous episodes throughout the series, like " Toy Store of Doom " and " A Friendly Game.

Patrick has an obsession with junk food and will stop at nothing to fulfill his enormous appetite. He has a bizarre taste in food and has low standards when it comes to appetite: His favorite flavor of ice cream is Dill Pickle Swirl with mustard and bacon bits [29] , and he enjoyed some of SpongeBob's peanut onion sundae in " Something Smells.

He idolizes the titular duo and views them as role models in that Patrick and SpongeBob occasionally dress up as them and emulate their heroic antics.

Patrick also seems to be a fan of the rock band Stingray , as he expresses remorse upon witnessing a copy of one of the band's albums in the dumpster in " Missing Identity " and shows his appreciation for their music.

Patrick is shown to idolize Jeffrey the Jellyfish , and once exhibited an unhealthy obsession with him by persistently touching him despite the security guard's objections, and eventually succeeded in kidnapping him.

Patrick and SpongeBob like to go to Glove World! They show their dedication to the park by buying its merchandise and wearing their marketed apparel.

Stinginess: As of "Dumped", he refused to get Gary back until the end, as of "The Secret Box", he even refused to let SpongeBob see his secret from the box, and as of "Yours Mine and Mine", he never let SpongeBob shares toy with him, unlike SpongeBob who loves to share.

This marks him become selfish. I don't think it's a case of it being a gay-friendly show—It's a human-being-friendly show.

They're all welcome," Kenny said. In , a promotional video that involves SpongeBob promoting diversity and tolerance [41] was criticized by two U.

Christian evangelical groups, most notably Focus on the Family , because they saw the character was being used as an advocate for homosexuality though the video contained "no reference to sex, sexual lifestyle or sexual identity.

After this speculation and comments, Hillenburg repeated his assertion that sexual preference was never considered during the creation of the show.

I consider them to be almost asexual. We're just trying to be funny and this has got nothing to do with the show.

I think the whole thing is a part of a larger agenda to stigmatize gay people. Dobson noted that the foundation had posted pro-homosexual material on its website, but later removed it.

Queer theorist Jeffrey P. Patrick has appeared in other SpongeBob SquarePants -related media, including board games , comic books , keychains , plush toys , trading cards and video games.

The group becomes an " Avengers -type team"; Patrick transforms to Mr. Gordon Barr and Roger Domeneghetti of the Evening Chronicle described the musical as "a silly riot of colour [ Krabs "win the biggest costume contest.

The character of Patrick has become viral in the Internet in the forms of memes or image macros. A still from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie , which displays Patrick in a drop-jawed look, inspired a YouTube user to create a presentation of Patrick's expression using a number of different filters.

Following this, a YouTube user uploaded another video featuring Patrick reacting to Canadian singer Justin Bieber 's single, " Baby ".

But now it's time for Patrick to come out from under that rock and take a seat upon his royal meme throne, because he's an Internet star fish.

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Outro tio de SpongeBob. Krabs vendeu o siri cascudo para Howard Blandy. Aparece apenas no filme. Esponja-tron no Brasil.

Ele era o bobo da corte do rei. Aparece no episodio Masmorras e dragoes. Aparece no episodio Masmorras e dragões. Nasceu em 11 de outubro de Fedorento no Brasil.

Dono da Angry Jack's Shell Emporium. Um militar, instrutor de fazer milk-shake e dono da Academia de Milk-Shake. Mancha no Brasil.

Krabs se apaixona dentro de um cofre. Redirecionado de Patrick Star. Ver artigo principal: SpongeBob SquarePants personagem.

Ver artigo principal: Squidward Tentacles. Ver artigo principal: Patrick Estrela. Help Wanted Christmas Who? Dunces and Dragons Friend or Foe?

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Wir möchten qualitatives Nähzubehör anbieten. Saint Patrick's saltire. Datenschutz Über SpongePedia Impressum. Unfähig, einen einfachen Schneeball zu machen, formte Patrick stattdessen movie4k kriegers weg wolverine des einen Würfel, dann eine Pyramide und zuletzt sogar das Modell eines DNA-Doppelstrangs 46a. Star Trek: Enterprise. Alle Auktion Sofort-Kaufen. SchwammiburgerLätzchen, Untersetzer, Strohhalme und Eiswürfel.

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